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Are you tired of wrinkled clothes? Or washing machines and dryers that are too small? Your search for easy, fast, and efficient laundry services ends with Sunshine Laundrymat. Our self-service laundromat has served Roswell, NM, for over 18 years, and we take pride in the safe, family-friendly laundry experience we’ve created for our community. 

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Sunshine Laundrymat strives to do whatever we can to make the laundry experience as easy and worry-free as possible for our customers. No matter how many loads of laundry you need to do, you can expect fast wash and dry times, as well as machines large enough for comforters and other bedding. We keep our machines well-maintained, so you can rely on equipment that’s always in working condition, and we go above and beyond to ensure our laundromat is spotless and pristine. 

Your Safety Matters

Many people avoid the laundromat for fear of theft. When you do your laundry here, you won’t ever need to worry about that. Your safety is our top priority—we have closed-circuit security cameras monitoring both the laundromat and our parking lot. In addition to our cameras, you can always expect there to be a team member on the property during our business hours. 


We’re the best laundromat for affordable prices and customer-centered services. On Monday and Tuesday, we offer $1 discounts on all blankets, comforters, and covers. In addition to our competitive prices, security, and wide variety of machines, we also offer food and beverage vending machines. If you don’t have time to wait for your laundry, we offer drop-off services, and if you have clothing that doesn’t fit, we have a tailoring expert on-site. 

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Monday & Tuesday ONLY!

$1 Off All Blankets / Comforters / Covers

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Get the fast laundry experience you deserve at Sunshine Laundrymat. If you have any questions about our prices, call us today.